Working lunch

I usually bring my own lunch but on the days where my in-house chef hasn’t stumped up the goods I go to one of my favourite lunch spots Sprigg or Singl-end. They do a great selection of fresh salads and soups that I stuff into my own Lifefactory tubs or random selection of jars. They were a bit confused at first and sometimes are unsure how much to give me, but they are now used to it and quite happy to fill my tubs. In fact, sometimes they even give me extra! 

Not only does this reduce the waste that would be created from a disposable soup cup and salad box, but have you ever had soup from a polystyrene cup? If you can taste polystyrene, then I would suggest you are probably ingesting polystyrene. Not nice or nutritious.

Why not keep some empty tubs in the office so you can do this on the days you forget your lunch? Give it a go and let us know how you get on.

soup and salad in Lifefactory tub

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