Reusable cup discounts – Glasgow

A hopefully ever-expanding list of coffee shops that offer a discount on your drink if you bring your own cup. Please get in touch to add your own or favourite shop to the list or for any corrections.

Bungo Barista, Pollockshaws Road, Strathbungo – 20% off

Costa, various locations – 25p off

Gordon St Coffee, Glasgow Central Station – 25p off

Mala Carne, Cathcart Road, Mount Florida – 10p off

Market, Cathcart Road, Mount Florida – 30p off

Meadow Road Coffee, Dumbarton Road, Partick – 40p off

Pret, various locations – 50p off

Riverhill, Gordon Street, City Centre – 20p off

Starbucks, various locations – 25p off

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