How can I reduce single-use plastic during Lockdown?

The Coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed all our lives. If you’ve taken this time to reflect on your lifestyle and want to make some changes to your behaviour, embarking on a journey to reduce single use plastic is a great idea. And what better way to start your journey than by kicking the single use plastic bottle habit. 

For some there are serious health issues to deal with. Others have financial worries. Most of us are missing contact with family members. The shopping experience has completely changed. I count myself lucky that my family are still healthy and well and working. But even so, it has been a massive adjustment. 

Now and then I remind myself about the opportunity this situation holds for us. To let go of the things that we find we no longer need. (I have let go of washing my hair whilst no one’s looking! It’s a thing. Look up Nopoo!). Letting go of our perception that we need things that come in single use plastic might just be on your list. 

Sometimes you just NEED that bottle of juice or water. But at other times you can be prepared and take a refillable bottle. Right now this is a little easier. Taking a reusable bottle on your daily exercise or keeping one at hand at your ‘home office’ means there’s one less thing to pick up from the shop. 

Fewer plastic bottles would also reduce single use plastic waste. The majority of councils are still collecting recycling but many are having to incinerate at the moment so the less recycling the better for now.

Additionally, consider how much money you might save. In these difficult times, It makes sense to use a resource which is free and literally on tap!

We are all aware of the environmental impact of bottled water. Maybe the satisfaction of taking action to reduce single use plastic pollution will give you the encouragement to keep using a refillable bottle post lockdown. 

More easy swaps for a plastic free lockdown? What about toothbrushing? Your toothbrush and toothpaste tube are most likely made of plastic that is very difficult to recycle. For several years now, I have been using a bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste in a glass jar.

Or check out your fridge for food sold in plastic containers. Yes, they make life easier but if you have extra time on your hands at the moment why not try some home cooking? What about making home-made versions of your favourite dips or sauces You might never go back to shop bought hummus again.

At, we inspire the public to try new ideas and buy tried and trusted alternatives to single use plastics. From the kitchen to the bathroom and when we’re out and about, there are many ways that simple swaps can reduce single use plastic in our lives.

Once you start this journey, you will probably find lots of other ways to make changes to your life. I hope you are successful in your quest to reduce single use plastic. 

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