What should I keep my reusable cutlery in?

I have been carrying reusable bamboo cutlery around with me for a few years but I’ve never found the right container for them until now! Our cutlery pouches handmade by UK company Agnes LDN are just right. 

I like to keep reusable cutlery in my bag at all times. Particularly if I’m travelling. As it means if I need to grab a snack on the go I don’t need to use disposable plastic cutlery. 

In the past, I generally just shoved them in my bag. I was never really happy with this as it’s pretty unhygienic! But I searched around a bit and didn’t really find anything I liked to keep them in. Most options were more of a cutlery roll which I felt was a bit over complicated and bulky for what I was looking for. I planned to make one myself or commission someone to make some for Last, but then we found Agnes LDN! We love the simple patterned fabrics and design. You can just bring one fork or fit in a whole set. Use it with our bamboo reusable cutlery (I like this as it’s a bit lighter to carry around) or just take some of your own from the kitchen!

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