Start with one thing.

How can you make a difference to the planet when the problems are so complex and overwhelming? 

Just start with one thing!

David Attenborough’s latest documentary, A Life on Our Planet is trending on Netflix. Not surprisingly, as the natural historian is such an inspiration to so many of us. The film is his witness statement on the way our planet has changed during his lifetime. It’s a very powerful message urging us all to take action.

But it’s also terrifying! Most people I’ve talked to have said they felt anything from guilt to depression to resignation to feeling completely overwhelmed. They say that the problem seems so huge and wonder if they really can make any difference.

But while fear can sometimes drive us forward, these negative emotions don’t tend to lead to positive lasting change. 

So just start with one thing. 

It’s the same for all problems. If we look at the big picture it can seem an impossible task to deal with. Some psychologists suggest that tackling an issue one small step at a time seems more manageable and leads to successful change. I’ve just started listening to BJ Fogg’s book Tiny Habits. In it he talks about how behaviour change works and where to start – tiny (here is his TEDx talk).

Attenborough suggests different ways that we can act, one being to avoid waste. So why not choose one change in your life and go for it. There are 7.8 billion people on the planet. If everyone did one thing, that would be a huge impact.

So, where to start?

Could you change your toothbrush for a  bamboo one? An easy and very cheap swap. 

Do you enjoy a takeaway coffee? Maybe a reusable cup is a first step. 

An avid food prepper? You could try out some  beeswax wraps

Have a look in our shop for more ideas. Or get in touch if we don’t have a solution for the thing you would like to change. 

You can do this! Just start with one thing and see where it takes you. 

Use #startwithonething on social media to let us know how you get on. 

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