Our guide to plastic free washing up

So you’ve started on your plastic free journey and you’re considering making a few swaps in the kitchen? Here are some tips and advice on changing the way you wash your dishes.

First of all organise your equipment. This is what I use:


Plastic free dishwashing bar running under tap

Start to fill the sink or basin with water. Take the washing up bar and rub it between your hands under the running tap to create a lather.


Plastic free dishwashing bar rubbing on glass dish

Rub the bar directly on to the item to be washed

Step 2 

Bamboo plastic free dish scraper scraping off burnt on food from a pan

If there is burnt on food you may need to use the bamboo scraper.

Step 3

Plastic free coconut dish scourer scrubbing food from a glass oven dish

Use the coconut scrubber or cleaning cloth to rub the dishes. Use the cloth first and then the scrubber for more stubborn marks. Just like when you use a foam dish cleaner- the cloth is the equivalent of the yellow side and the coconut scrubber is like the green rough side.

Step 4 

Rinsing glass oven dish with water

Rinse as normal!

Solid dishwashing bar suds

You might notice that you get a lot less suds with the bar method than with liquid soap. Don’t panic. It feels nice and silky. And it really does the job well.

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