Our plastic free journeys: Rebecca

Meet the Team: the next instalment of our series of interviews introducing the Last team and sharing our own personal journeys. Next up is Rebecca our Business Support Officer.
1. How long have you been on your plastic free journey?

I have officially been on my plastic free journey since June 2020. Before this I was always looking for ways to reduce my plastic, making a conscious effort to take a reusable water bottle, or a canvas bag when shopping. June 2020 was different, this signified the start of a new lifestyle, making even more conscious decisions to eliminate plastic from my lifestyle altogether.2. What motivated you to start your plastic free journey?

After having an interest in my own personal environmental impact for a couple of years, I really decided to make this change because of a university module I completed. The module was titled “Responsible Business” and it really opened my eyes to some of the dangerous environmental impacts of the way that businesses were conducting themselves, and the messy and unfair world we had all created. Looking into my graduate prospects I wanted to make sure I could help drive forward a plastic free narrative in my career. This spilled out into my personal life, and I started championing plastic free purchases. Coupled with the impact of COVID I realised that this would be the perfect time to press the reset button on my lifestyle and make changes for the good of the world.3. What item(s) did you start with and why?

The very first item I started with was a re-usable water bottle. I chose to start with this item as I am always drinking water on the go, and this looked like a simple swap I could make to reduce my plastic. I purchased a stainless-steel water bottle that I take everywhere with me, making the most of water fountains, and outdoor taps.4. What are some realisations, good and/or bad, you have had while on your personal journey?

On my journey, I have had the realisation that my previous plastic filled lifestyle was not sustainable. I also realised that being more selective over the products I buy makes for much more fulfilling purchases. Considering the environmental impact of a product truly provides me with joy.5. What has surprised you about the plastic free journey?

How easy it can be! At the very beginning of my journey, I thought that I would have to make some sacrifices, but not at all.6. How did you feel at the start of your plastic free journey in comparison to how you feel now?

I felt overwhelmed, coming to terms with an overhaul of my lifestyle and moving away from products and a lifestyle I was so familiar with. Now it feels second nature. I feel like the changes I have made are so simple, and most importantly just make sense.7. What do you wish you knew when you started your plastic free journey?

How convenient some of the changes would be. I put off changing for so long as I felt they would inconvenience me, be more expensive, or require more time. However, many of the plastic free products I’ve purchased make my life easier.

8. What would be most helpful to you on your plastic free journey and why?

A community around me – it’s nice to feel that I’m not making these changes alone. A community aspect helps me to draw on other people’s plastic-free journeys and help share advice.9. What are three beliefs you had about going plastic free that turned out to be incorrect?

– Expensive

– Inconvenient

– Time consuming

10. What are three pieces of advice you would give to anyone considering starting their plastic free journey?

– Start off small: start off with the simple easy changes

– Do whatever works for you

– Remember everyone’s journey is different, people move at different paces.

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