Our plastic free journeys: Chloe

Meet the Team: Throughout the summer we will be introducing the Last team and sharing our own personal journey to plastic free living. Next up – Chloe our graphic designer. 

1) How long have you been on your plastic free journey? 

I became aware of how damaging plastic was to the environment around two years ago and have been trying to cut down on it since. I would say since starting volunteering with Last would be when I considerably have made action to cut back on plastic waste, I have been inspired! 

2) What motivated you to start your plastic free journey? 

I was motivated to start trying to cut back on plastic when I started to find out how damaging it is to the world. I am interested in sustainability at university studying product design as when designing, sustainability of the product is important to me. 

3) What item(s) did you start with and why? 

I have always used canvas tote bags and I got myself a reusable water bottle. I used to be guilty of buying bottled water from the supermarket but now that is something I would NEVER do. I went on an expedition to China a few years ago and bought a zero-waste shampoo for travelling. It was compact, lightweight, smelt good and was easy to use. I use a reusable lunch box when out and about at university. It is useful and makes it easy to bring lunches. 

4) What are some realisations, good and/or bad, you have had while on your personal journey? 

It really is easy using reusable products, I enjoy using my water bottle and lunch box. Once you are in a routine of using them you realize how effortless it is, especially for a student who is going to the library most days. It’s easy to just fill up the water bottle at fountains. 

Using the shampoo bar was great for travelling taking up less space and weight in my backpack. 

I did a design project where the brief was the ‘Right to Breath’. The question the brief had to answer was ‘How might we ensure that everyone living in areas with poor air quality is guaranteed their right to clean air?’. During this project it really opened my awareness to how bad plastics affect the air we breathe. 

I enjoy feeling like I am making a difference by trying to opt for plastic free alternatives. 

5) What has surprised you about the plastic free journey? 

It seems like you would be missing out when not using plastic, but it is easier than you imagine. Lots of small actions can have a large impact. 

6) How did you feel at the start of your plastic free journey in comparison to how you feel now?

I feel more informed about plastic now. At the start of my journey, I found it quite hard but when you realize that small steps are worthwhile then it becomes easier. 

7) What do you wish you knew when you started your plastic free journey? 

 The most important thing is to just start small, there’s no need to make all changes at once. You can build up and up. 

8) What would be most helpful to you on your plastic free journey and why? 

 I think just if more people were aware, then more people would try and cut back and then it would be natural for everyone to use less plastic. 

9) What are three beliefs you had about going plastic free that turned out to be incorrect? 

  • Expensive 
  • Hard to do 
  • Products would be of lesser quality 

10) What are three pieces of advice you would give to anyone considering starting their plastic free journey? 

  • Be and open willing to try new things, even if its different for you! 
  • You don’t need to make drastic changes, just start with one change at a time 
  • Use it as a conversation starter 

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