Plastic free Christmas parties

As December approaches, I am sure the topic of Christmas parties has been high on many people’s conversations. Especially this year after missing out in 2020 because of COVID-19. 

It’s all very exciting but there is a downside. Whether at an office party or staff night out or family gathering I have often been shocked at the amount of plastic that seems to be involved. And mostly items that are going to be discarded after one use.

But it really is possible to party without plastic. Here are some ideas for having a plastic free Christmas party:

  • If possible make food from scratch rather than buying supermarket foods packaged in plastic. Ask your guests to bring a homemade contribution to the table.
  • Buy fruit and vegetables loose, preferably from a local greengrocer.
  • Avoid plastic or single use straws. If partying out and about simply refuse a straw whether it’s plastic or paper. At home, children and adults will love these stainless steel straws. Obviously they can be reused and will last for many years. They come in singles or as a four pack with a cute cleaning brush.
  • For a large party, buy crockery or glasses from a charity shop rather than opting for plastic throwaway items. Or borrow from friends.
  • Prearrange with your guests to do a Secret Santa with a theme, e.g. charity shop gifts or books or homemade presents. This will avoid all the plastic wrapping  and save money at the same time.
  • Rethink your approach to wrapping gifts. Try using alternatives to regular Christmas paper, such as brown parcel paper or fabric – see our previous blog on eco-friendly Christmas wrapping 
  • Keep and reuse Christmas decorations. 
  • Make decorations instead of buying new ones. Try making paper chains- easy and cheap to make and it will keep your children busy for hours. Or collect branches to make a miniature Christmas tree
  • Buy your real tree from a local supplier. Read our blog onChristmas trees

If you are at the beginning of your plastic free journey, it is possible you feel overwhelmed by all these ideas. It’s okay to make small changes one at a time. In fact you are more likely to stick with it. So choose one thing and go for it. 

Happy partying!

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