About us

Making it easier for you to reduce your plastic waste.

In a drive to reduce our own plastic waste, we realised that it takes a lot of work! At Last we hope to make this easy for you.

We are a social enterprise. This means that any profit we make is either invested into the business or used for projects with positive social outcomes.

We used to run an online shop selling products that help reduce plastic waste. We are currently taking a break from retailing to customers to consider where to take the business next.

When we return we intend to use our profits to develop an educational programme for primary age children. Along with learning about the impacts of plastic waste and coming up with ways to reduce it, an element of the programme will involve getting children out into nature and planting trees. As Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot describe in the video Nature Now, planting more trees is the most effective way to save the planet.

When I was 10 I decided to give up my favourite chicken pies and sausages and become a vegetarian and eventually my mum and her partner followed suit. We hope that the children who get involved in our programme will be able to influence their families in a similar way, helping them produce less plastic waste. 

It’s easy to look at the world we live in and despair for the political chaos, social inequality and environmental mess that humanity has created. We were inspired to set up Last after a chat with the head monk in a small Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka. Not content with helping people work towards enlightenment, he told us about the range of social enterprises the temple was involved in. We talked about the fact that in this messy world we can all do something to make things better. We decided to do this. It’s a start.