Why should I change to beeswax wraps?

We all need to cover and store our food. We know that keeping food covered and/or refrigerated extends the life and freshness of food.  And this is really important nowadays as we are all trying to avoid food waste. By doing this we will not only reduce the carbon footprint of our shopping basket butContinue reading “Why should I change to beeswax wraps?”

Plastic free Christmas parties

As December approaches, I am sure the topic of Christmas parties has been high on many people’s conversations. Especially this year after missing out in 2020 because of COVID-19.  It’s all very exciting but there is a downside. Whether at an office party or staff night out or family gathering I have often been shockedContinue reading “Plastic free Christmas parties”

Plastic free stocking fillers

Many of us have treasured memories of our childhood Christmas. And for me the big excitement was sitting on my bed opening my stocking early in the morning and enjoying the tiny little surprises contained in it. Nowadays most stockings are made of synthetic materials, many being flimsy and designed for single use. Most ofContinue reading “Plastic free stocking fillers”

How can I enjoy a plastic free Halloween?

With Halloween just around the corner we thought it would be a good time to tackle the terrifying issue of just how much plastic waste is created by our favourite spooky holiday. According to The Guardian, around 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste is created by throwaway Halloween costumes alone, and that’s not even counting all theContinue reading “How can I enjoy a plastic free Halloween?”

How can I clean my home without using plastic?

Cleaning the home without plastic? When you look at the rows and rows of plastic-bottled products in the cleaning aisle of a supermarket it might seem like an impossible idea. But over time, I have managed to virtually eradicate plastic from my cleaning routine. I admit it is not always easy to change the shoppingContinue reading “How can I clean my home without using plastic?”

Our guide to becoming an ethical coffee lover.

Almost everyone’s favourite beverage, coffee, has been slowly gaining popularity, even in the UK, the past decade but there is an unpleasant history surrounding coffee production and its distribution. There has been much discussion in the past few years about the nature of how coffee is made. Where does it come from? Is it ethicallyContinue reading “Our guide to becoming an ethical coffee lover.”

Why do we experience eco-anxiety and what steps can we take to cope?

It’s World Mental Health Day on October 10th, so we’ve decided to tackle the issue of eco-anxiety this week. Have you experienced anxious thoughts when envisioning the future of our planet? We here at Last certainly have, and we’ve discovered that we’re far from alone! Some anxious thoughts you might have around environmental issues areContinue reading “Why do we experience eco-anxiety and what steps can we take to cope?”

What is greenwashing?

Greenwashing is when companies launch marketing campaigns and products that they say are environmentally beneficial in some way—claims that are often in stark contrast to the company’s actual environmental and sustainability record. And it really pisses us off!  Brands from all industries are often enthused to put out to the world their “green” products, orContinue reading “What is greenwashing?”

How can I have a plastic free-lunch?

With many of us back to the office, studies and back to travelling it can be easy to seem like the most convenient lunch option is an old faithful supermarket meal deal, or our favourite take-away spot. But having a plastic free lunch may be easier than you think. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming,Continue reading “How can I have a plastic free-lunch?”