How can I reduce plastic waste when brushing my teeth?

While you were brushing your teeth this morning did you think about the toothbrush and the toothpaste you were using? Probably not. Most of us do this daily activity with little thought. Several years ago, we took stock of our dental care routine and decided to rid ourselves of plastic and toxins where possible. WeContinue reading “How can I reduce plastic waste when brushing my teeth?”

What’s the best reusable water bottle?

Great, you’ve decided to ditch single use plastic bottles and get a reusable one, but how do you choose?! We think your best bet is a non toxic bottle made of glass or stainless steel. Of course, re-using any bottle is preferable to single use. If money is tight, just wash out an empty drinks bottle and refill.Continue reading “What’s the best reusable water bottle?”

What is the environmental impact of bottled water?

The UK has a 7.7 billion a year single use plastic bottle habit. Less than half of these are recycled. Which means the rest are in landfills taking at least 400 years to decompose. And sales continue to rise. So why are we buying more when the damage to the environment has been so well publicised?  Well,Continue reading “What is the environmental impact of bottled water?”

How can I reduce single-use plastic during Lockdown?

The Coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed all our lives. If you’ve taken this time to reflect on your lifestyle and want to make some changes to your behaviour, embarking on a journey to reduce single use plastic is a great idea. And what better way to start your journey than by kicking the single use plastic bottle habit.  ForContinue reading “How can I reduce single-use plastic during Lockdown?”

Say no to plastic straws

For most of us, going plastic free can seem daunting and unachievable. But one seemingly small change at a time can lead to great things. So even though the focus on plastic straws in the media and by the big brands may seem tokenistic, we think this is a great place to start. Let’s beContinue reading “Say no to plastic straws”

Reusable cup discounts – Glasgow

A hopefully ever-expanding list of coffee shops that offer a discount on your drink if you bring your own cup. Please get in touch to add your own or favourite shop to the list or for any corrections. Bungo Barista, Pollockshaws Road, Strathbungo – 20% off Costa, various locations – 25p off Gordon St Coffee, Glasgow CentralContinue reading “Reusable cup discounts – Glasgow”