What can I do to reduce single use plastic water bottles?

It was World Water Day on Monday. The aim is to celebrate water and to focus on the inequality of access to clean safe water. 

We all need water for our survival. We need it on a daily basis. It quenches our thirst and sustains us.

Bottled water has become increasingly prevalent in the modern world. Before the COVID pandemic, people on the go picked it up, drank it, then disposed of the bottle. That type of behaviour has reduced as more of us work from home. But soon we will all be out and about again and it is possible that some will return to these habits.

You probably know about the environmental issues of single use plastic bottles. If not, you could read more in our previous blog. But in this week when water is in the limelight, it’s worth mentioning that it takes about 5.3 litres of water to produce a typical single-use water bottle.

So, what can we do to reduce single use plastic water bottles? As you can see in our video we have a few suggestions

  • Have a big drink of water before you leave the house
  • On the go, take an old bottle from home 
  • Buy a reusable water bottle

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