What is the plastic free alternative to sandwich bags?

Have you been wondering how you can cut down on plastic in your lunch and picnic routine? Try swapping plastic wrapping for these reusable organic sandwich and snack bags.

In the far distant past, I used cling film to wrap my lunch sandwiches. When I found out that toxins may be released into food from plastics, cling film was the first thing I ditched. Added to that, the fact that it’s a single use plastic and that we now know about microplastics leaching into our rivers and oceans, I suggest you might want to consider ditching it too. 

Sometimes I tried rolls of sandwich bags. I gave them up when I discovered that the average person throws out 450 sandwich bags each year. Multiply that by 66 million in the UK alone! 

Next I tried to use old bread bags but washing them wasn’t fun and we never seemed to have enough of them. We have now stopped buying bread in plastic bags anyway so that didn’t last long. 

We have successfully used unbleached greaseproof paper held with an elastic band to wrap sandwiches. 

However when we discovered these cotton bags made by a women’s cooperative in India, we were very excited. They have a waterproof lining and a Velcro fastening. So no nasty surprises when you open your bag. ( I have had horrible experiences of squashed bananas all over important documents. Yuck.)  They are easy to wash. Just wipe them clean with a cloth or machine wash in cold water. Then lie flat to dry.

So, what do we use these reusable bags for?

  1. Sandwiches, of course, for lunch on the go
  2. Fruit, such as those pesky bananas
  3. Other snacks such as oatcakes, biscuits and cakes
  4. You can even use them for soap when you’re travelling. The waterproof lining will keep the rest of your toilet bag free from wet soap, whilst not being as bulky as a traditional plastic soap box

I am sure you could find lots of other uses for them.

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