School set to pilot “Last“ anti-plastic Drive

A new programme is set to be piloted in a North Lanarkshire primary school to inspire the next generation to think about plastic and the environment in a different way. Tollbrae Primary School has developed the programme with the founders of social enterprise, Last, which aims to end the nation’s reliance on single use plastics. The firm helpsContinue reading “School set to pilot “Last“ anti-plastic Drive”

Frightened Rabbit member swaps the stage for fight against plastic

Frightened Rabbit bassist Billy Kennedy is swapping performing for the fight against plastics in a new drive to end throw away culture. While the campaign against single use plastics has taken a back seat during the coronavirus pandemic, Kennedy and business partner Suzie Bowman have taken the time to assess what the public needs asContinue reading “Frightened Rabbit member swaps the stage for fight against plastic”