How can I have a plastic free-lunch?

With many of us back to the office, studies and back to travelling it can be easy to seem like the most convenient lunch option is an old faithful supermarket meal deal, or our favourite take-away spot. But having a plastic free lunch may be easier than you think. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming,Continue reading “How can I have a plastic free-lunch?”

How can reducing plastic waste help endangered species?

Friday 21st May is Endangered Species Day, encouraging us to learn about the creatures and plants that are under threat and to consider what actions we can take to protect them. There are 8 million species in the world and the UN believes that around 1 million species already face extinction, many within decades. AContinue reading “How can reducing plastic waste help endangered species?”

How can I reduce plastic food packaging waste?

I recently ran a workshop in my day job on reducing waste and being more sustainable at home. The one thing most people wanted to reduce was plastic food packaging. One way to do this is to find a local greengrocers where you can pick up loose fruit and veg.  Across Scotland around 130kg of packagingContinue reading “How can I reduce plastic food packaging waste?”

Is recycling really the answer to the plastic problem?

There has been a huge amount of media attention on plastic pollution in recent years. Everyone I speak to is aware of the problem and wants to take action in their own lives. Excellent. But this often leads to discussions about recycling – how easy or difficult it is to do, what can and can’tContinue reading “Is recycling really the answer to the plastic problem?”

War on Plastic

I was really pleased last week to see that the BBC had produced another episode of War on Plastic, with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Anita Rani. I found the programme both encouraging and depressing. It is frustrating that big corporations and governments seem so slow to make changes. And yet positive change was demonstrated. It showed thatContinue reading “War on Plastic”

How can I picnic plastic free and keep beauty spots free of litter?

With the relaxation of the COVID 19 lockdown rules, it has been so lovely to be able to meet up with friends and family in open spaces and have a picnic lunch together. But it has also made me so sad to see the recent reports of litter left on beaches and beauty spots. There’s two things goingContinue reading “How can I picnic plastic free and keep beauty spots free of litter?”

What’s the best reusable water bottle?

Great, you’ve decided to ditch single use plastic bottles and get a reusable one, but how do you choose?! We think your best bet is a non toxic bottle made of glass or stainless steel. Of course, re-using any bottle is preferable to single use. If money is tight, just wash out an empty drinks bottle and refill.Continue reading “What’s the best reusable water bottle?”

What is the environmental impact of bottled water?

The UK has a 7.7 billion a year single use plastic bottle habit. Less than half of these are recycled. Which means the rest are in landfills taking at least 400 years to decompose. And sales continue to rise. So why are we buying more when the damage to the environment has been so well publicised?  Well,Continue reading “What is the environmental impact of bottled water?”

Say no to plastic straws

For most of us, going plastic free can seem daunting and unachievable. But one seemingly small change at a time can lead to great things. So even though the focus on plastic straws in the media and by the big brands may seem tokenistic, we think this is a great place to start. Let’s beContinue reading “Say no to plastic straws”