Our guide to becoming an ethical coffee lover.

Almost everyone’s favourite beverage, coffee, has been slowly gaining popularity, even in the UK, the past decade but there is an unpleasant history surrounding coffee production and its distribution. There has been much discussion in the past few years about the nature of how coffee is made. Where does it come from? Is it ethicallyContinue reading “Our guide to becoming an ethical coffee lover.”

How can I have a plastic free-lunch?

With many of us back to the office, studies and back to travelling it can be easy to seem like the most convenient lunch option is an old faithful supermarket meal deal, or our favourite take-away spot. But having a plastic free lunch may be easier than you think. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming,Continue reading “How can I have a plastic free-lunch?”

What is the plastic free alternative to sandwich bags?

Have you been wondering how you can cut down on plastic in your lunch and picnic routine? Try swapping plastic wrapping for these reusable organic sandwich and snack bags. In the far distant past, I used cling film to wrap my lunch sandwiches. When I found out that toxins may be released into food from plastics, cling filmContinue reading “What is the plastic free alternative to sandwich bags?”

How can I have a plastic free holiday?

Now that COVID restrictions are gradually being lifted, many of our conversations have turned to holidays. Some people are desperate to get abroad, others are happier to have a staycation. Whatever your destination, how will you manage to avoid single use plastic when travelling? Here are some suggestions for pulling together a plastic free travelContinue reading “How can I have a plastic free holiday?”

What can I do to reduce single use plastic water bottles?

It was World Water Day on Monday. The aim is to celebrate water and to focus on the inequality of access to clean safe water.  We all need water for our survival. We need it on a daily basis. It quenches our thirst and sustains us. Bottled water has become increasingly prevalent in the modernContinue reading “What can I do to reduce single use plastic water bottles?”

Is recycling really the answer to the plastic problem?

There has been a huge amount of media attention on plastic pollution in recent years. Everyone I speak to is aware of the problem and wants to take action in their own lives. Excellent. But this often leads to discussions about recycling – how easy or difficult it is to do, what can and can’tContinue reading “Is recycling really the answer to the plastic problem?”

Is wrapping paper eco friendly?

The short answer is a lot of it, unfortunately, is not. But we have some easy swaps to keep your gifts looking swell with less environmental impact. Last year, in the UK, we threw away 227,000 miles of wrapping paper, almost enough for us to paper our way to the moon! That’s 108 million rollsContinue reading “Is wrapping paper eco friendly?”

Start with one thing.

How can you make a difference to the planet when the problems are so complex and overwhelming?  Just start with one thing! David Attenborough’s latest documentary, A Life on Our Planet is trending on Netflix. Not surprisingly, as the natural historian is such an inspiration to so many of us. The film is his witnessContinue reading “Start with one thing.”

Are reusable coffee cups safe in Covid times?

The simple answer is Yes!   Advice from the UK government states that it is up to individual businesses whether they allow the use of reusable cups and containers. If used they should be washed in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher.  So you can ignore all that scaremongering promoted by plastics and packaging companies inContinue reading “Are reusable coffee cups safe in Covid times?”