Are reusable coffee cups safe in Covid times?

The simple answer is Yes!   Advice from the UK government states that it is up to individual businesses whether they allow the use of reusable cups and containers. If used they should be washed in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher.  So you can ignore all that scaremongering promoted by plastics and packaging companies inContinue reading “Are reusable coffee cups safe in Covid times?”

Is our response to COVID-19 increasing plastic waste?

One of the few upsides of COVID-19 and lockdown has been the benefits to the environment. While we all stayed at home, empty roads, limited public transport and flights at a minimum, meant that air quality improved and wildlife numbers increased in suburban areas. But one big environmental issue has been worrying me. And that’s the increase in singleContinue reading “Is our response to COVID-19 increasing plastic waste?”

How can I picnic plastic free and keep beauty spots free of litter?

With the relaxation of the COVID 19 lockdown rules, it has been so lovely to be able to meet up with friends and family in open spaces and have a picnic lunch together. But it has also made me so sad to see the recent reports of litter left on beaches and beauty spots. There’s two things goingContinue reading “How can I picnic plastic free and keep beauty spots free of litter?”

Reusable cup discounts – Glasgow

A hopefully ever-expanding list of coffee shops that offer a discount on your drink if you bring your own cup. Please get in touch to add your own or favourite shop to the list or for any corrections. Bungo Barista, Pollockshaws Road, Strathbungo – 20% off Costa, various locations – 25p off Gordon St Coffee, Glasgow CentralContinue reading “Reusable cup discounts – Glasgow”