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Beebee & Leaf Vegan Leaf Wrap Mixed Pack Botanic Design
Beebee & Leaf Vegan Leaf Wrap Mixed Pack Botanic Design Wrapped Around Bowl
Beebee & Leaf Vegan Leaf Wrap Mixed Pack Botanic Design Wrapped Around Food

Vegan wax food wraps mixed pack - Botanics

BeeBee & Leaf

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Vegan wax food wraps by BeeBee & Leaf are a great, eco-friendly alternative to clingfilm and plastic packaging. You can squeeze it round cut fruit and vegetables to store in the fridge, cover a bowl of unfinished food or wrap up a sandwich to take with you on the go.

This certified vegan, mixed size pack contains three wraps in different sizes - offering endless food wrapping possibilities. We love the multi coloured botanic collection design.

  • Three wraps - 33 x 33 cm, 26 x 26 cm, 18 x 18 cm
  • Certified vegan
  • Botanical, and tropical inspired bright hues feature on these wraps. The botanical leaves on these wraps stand out in pinks, reds, greens, blue and purple - to name a few

These wraps are reusable, just give them a wipe or scrub in cold soapy water and they’ll be ready for their next use.

You can extend the life of your wraps further longer than one year with the BeeBee & Leaf re-waxing kits (coming soon!).

Certified handmade leaf wraps, made using only sustainably sourced materials and organic cotton.

Leaf wraps: rice bran wax, sumac wax and resins. When cared for properly these wraps can last for around a year.

Wraps can be re-waxed to extend their life. After this wraps can be composted in a compost heap.

By taking care and correctly storing fresh produce items, we can help to reduce the 598,946 tonnes of household food waste in Scotland each year.

BeeBee & Leaf food wraps use sustainably sourced ingredients, offering a certified organic cotton substitute to traditional plastic polluting clingfilm, with 1.2 billion metres of clingfilm used annually in UK households - this is enough plastic wrap to cover the circumference of the globe 30 times over!