Cutlery Pouch
Cutlery Pouch
Cutlery Pouch
Cutlery Pouch
Cutlery Pouch

Cutlery Pouch


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Handmade cutlery pouches by Agnes LDN. Perfect to store in your bag to take out and about and avoid using plastic cutlery.

This simple eco swap eliminates the plethora of problems that comes with plastic single use cutlery that inevitably ends up in our landfills or in our oceans.

All you have to do is remember to keep them in your bag!

  • Suitable for machine and hand wash
  • Wash with similar colours
  • Do not tumble dry

Made with fabric scraps and fastened with a metal press stud.

Recycle at your local textile recycling point.

What should I keep my reusable cutlery in? Check out our blog

Environmental Impact of Plastic Cutlery:

1. Pollution of Waterways
2. Endangers wildlife
3. High carbon footprint
4. Extinction of marine species
5. Degradation of the environment
6. Air pollution
7. “Plastic menace” – Plastic is slowly covering the surface of the earth
8. Harmful to the health of humans



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