Lifefactory Medium Glass Reusable Food Container Pink

Medium Reusable Food Container


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Medium huckleberry pink reusable food container for transporting soups, salads or snacks to work for lunch. Or why not keep one in the office for those days you just haven't managed to bring in your own? Most salad and soup stops will be more than happy to fill up a container you've brought along yourself.

Research shows that glass storage containers are not only good for the planet but are much better for our health. It has been revealed that plastic containers can leach chemicals into our food, while the container is being heated. Using a glass container eliminates this problem. Also, glass containers have an infinite life span and in the case of a broken container, they are easily recycled and can be remade. 

Lifefactory use safe, healthy and almost plastic free materials to create their high quality reusable food containers.

  • Volume 2 cup/475ml
  • Height 3.5" x width 4.25" square

Produced in the highest quality, thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass (can transition safely from freezer to boiling water). If you remove the lid, the container is also oven and microwave safe. 

BPA/BPS free

All components made in the USA or Europe.

Lifefactory containers are made to be used again and again. But at the end of life, the glass can be recycled at your local recycling centre.

However, silicone needs to be sent to a specialised facility to be recycled properly. Silicone is an incredible product, 100% petroleum free and durable.

Environmental charity Hubbub has revealed that ‘Lunch on the go’ generates 11 billion items of packaging waste annually. 

Do you want to make a difference and turn the tide on this frightening statistic? We believe that reusable containers are the answer. Check out our blog on reusable containers.