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Beeswax Wrap Refresher Drops
Beeswax Wrap Refresher Drops
Beeswax Wrap Refresher Drops

Beeswax Wrap Refresher Drops

BeeBee & Leaf

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Instead of throwing away used and tired wax wraps, feel the satisfaction of refreshing your wraps to extend their life, serving you even more wrapping opportunities.

These easy to use, Beeswax Refresher Drops are made using a unique formula. Relax & Rewax using an iron, baking parchment, a tea towel and two minutes of your time. Perfect for using on wax wraps like these: Beeswax food wraps family pack - The ocean collection.

  • Simple & easy to use
  • Wraps are reusable for a year, refresh using Beeswax Refresher Drops to prolong life

1. Thoroughly wash and dry your wrap.

2. Place your wrap on a sheet of baking paper ensuring it does not overlap the paper.

3. Sparsely sprinkle some of your Beeswax Refresher Drops onto the wrap. You can always add more later if not enough.

4. Overlay with another sheet of baking paper, ensuring it covers your wrap.

5. Iron over with a medium heat ensuring all of the BeeBee Drops have fully melted.

6. Peel wrap away from paper taking care as wax will still be hot! Waft to cool!

Made using only responsibly sourced ingredients.

By taking care and correctly storing fresh produce items, we can help to reduce the 598,946 tonnes of household food waste in Scotland each year.

Beebee & Leaf food wraps use sustainably sourced ingredients, offering a certified organic cotton substitute to traditional plastic polluting clingfilm, with 1.2 billion metres of clingfilm used annually in UK households - this is enough plastic wrap to cover the circumference of the globe 30 times over!